Xunlight Solar PV Modules

Flexible solar pv modules, Xunlight Corporation

Xunlight Corporation is a manufacturer of flexible, lightweight and environmentally safe thin-film silicon solar laminates. Due to the unique composition of our advanced thin-film applications, our laminates can be utilized in a wide variety of ways. The combination of flexible and lightweight allows for the implementation of small- to large-scale energy generation strategies for a variety of applications. Xunlight laminates are designed to be versatile, long-lasting solar laminates suitable for a variety of applications.

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Product #
Max. Current
Max. Power
Xunlight XRU10
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Xunlight XRU19
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Xunlight XRS10
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Xunlight XRS18
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Xunlight XRS19
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Xunlight XR12
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Xunlight XR36
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