PAIESO Project: St-Cyr Royal 10 kW Solar Photovoltaic System

Project General Information
St-Cyr Royal 10 kW Solar Photovoltaic System
Project location:
Abitibi Témiscaminque, Québec, Canada
General photovoltaic system
Date in service:
Total power (kWp):
10 kW
Type of system:
Solar Photovoltaic System

Matrix Energy Inc is pleased to have provided the system design, supply and commissioning of a commercial 10 kW solar photovoltaic system in Abitibi -Témiscamingue , Quebec. Canada.

This PV system will reduce the oil consumption from 6750 liters to 264 liters. The client will enjoy overall system reliability, a longer useful generator life and significant cost savings by reducing the running time of the 12.5 kW diesel powered generator and related costs of maintenance, repair, operation and ancillary expenses. A total of 6486 liters of furnace oil will be saved annually which represents a reduction in operating costs of about $ 8,800 and GHG emissions reduction of approximately 21 tonnes.

PV array: 10 kW
MPPT charge controller: 180 Amps
Field orientation: South / tilt 35 º
Mounting system: Ground mount pole
UPS capacity: 8.0 kW
Rated voltage DC battery (V) : 48V
Battery : 2 days autonomy @ 70% depth of discharge
Battery capacity (Ah) : 2490 Ah

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