Projects: Sifec North for Parks Canada in Nunavut


Project General Information
Project location:
Tanquary fjord, Lake Hazen and Ward Hunt island (Nunavut)
Ellesmere Island
Source: Google Maps
General photovoltaic system
Date in service:
Total power (kWp):
4.2 kWp
Type of system:
3 Off-grid systems

Sifec North, based in Mirabel QC, is a general contractor experienced in northern Canada that provided system design, installation, logistics services and training materials for the three off grid PV systems. The systems were installed in 2010.

Matrix supplied SolarWorld solar modules, Xantrex charge controllers and inverters, DEKA Solar AGM batteries and a Whisper 100 wind turbine to the sites at Tanquary fjord, Lake Hazen and Ward Hunt island. All three sites are maintained by Parks Canada and the first two are located in Quttinirpaaq National Park on Ellesmere Island. Ward Hunt island is among the most northerly pieces of land in Canada, situated at above 83 degrees North latitude. As such, the 1.4 kW off grid PV system installed there is assumed to be the northernmost solar system in the country.

Each system is coupled to a genset which provides stand alone power to hikers, government employees and others who brave the extreme, harsh environment. The decision by Parks Canada to install PV in northern Nunavut is a testament to the reliability of this technology in harsh, northern climates.

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