Projects: Parcs Quebec (Sépaq) - Anticosti Island

Project General Information
Project location:
Anticosti Island
General photovoltaic system
Date in service:
Total power (kWp):
12 kW
Type of system:
Hybrid Solar Photovoltaic System

Matrix Energy Inc announces it has designed and supplied a 12 kWp Off-Grid PV system for integration into an existing diesel generator power system for SÉPAQ on Anticosti Island in the Gulf of St-Lawrence.

Matrix Energy assisted the engineering firm CIB Groupe Conseil in the system design, installation and commissioning and provided technical support to the electrical contractor Fugère Electric Inc, who performed the system installation.

The 55 kW diesel generator had been in operation for several years as the only source of power on the site. However, the high cost of maintenance, repair and operation (MRO), as well as the GHG emissions and noise pollution, motivated the SÉPAQ managers to search for an alternative option.

The complete PV system comprises forty-eight, 250 Wp high performance Eclipsall monocrystalline solar modules, three 600 V MPPT solar charge controllers, a 24 kW of OutBack inverter/ charger, a 125 kWh Surrette Rolls battery bank along with timers, surge protectors and other accessories. The PV array will generate an estimated 12,000 kWh per year of clean solar electricity, and is expected to greatly reduce the diesel generator runtimes. The array will charge the system's batteries when sunlight is available, and the generator will automatically start should the batteries become overly discharged during extended periods of inclement weather or when electrical power that exceeds the inverters capacity is required.

PV / Diesel hybrid power systems in Off-Grid applications are gaining in popularity in remote areas. Such systems provide impressive IRR's resulting from significant MRO cost reductions, while other benefits include reduction of generator noise and GHG emission pollution, improved overall system reliability and redundancy.

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