Projects: PV diesel hybrid system in the national des Grands-Jardins north of Baie St Paul, Quebec


Project General Information
Project location:
 Parc des Grands Jardins north of Baie St Paul, Quebec
General photovoltaic system

Matrix Energy Inc is proud to have supplied and commissioned a solar photovoltaic (PV) diesel hybrid system to SEPAQ (Société des établissements et parcs du Québec) located in the parc des Grands Jardins north of Baie St Paul in collaboration with the Eng CIB groupe conseil and the installer Électricité des Laurentides.

This Solar/diesel hybrid system will supply clean and stable power to the main reception lodge which will be in operation from May to October.

The models show that the forecasted Energy production for the 21.6kW solar array should meet 100% of the load from May to September and the 25kW diesel genset will cycle charge the batteries approximately for 16h every 3 days from September to October.

Equipment supplied by Matrix Energy Inc includes:

. Total of 21.6 kWp Eclipsall solar modules
. Six MPPT charge controllers from Outback Power
. Two Radian inverters from Outback Power for a total power capacity of 16 kW @ 120/240Vac
. A UNIGY II battery bank of 9468 Ah @ 20h, 48 nominal voltage sized for 3 days of autonomy
. Roof and ground mount Sunground from Opsun Systems

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