Projects: PV / Diesel Hybrid 7.4 kWp System in central Quebec

Project General Information
Project location:
Central Quebec
General photovoltaic system
Date in service:
Total power (kWp):
7.4 kWp
Type of system:
PV - Diesel hybrid

The system supplied comprises forty, 185 Wp high performance Kyocera polycrystalline solar modules, Iron Ridge mounts, 12 kW (AC) of Schneider Electric inverter/chargers and a DEKA Solar UNIGY II 116 kWh battery bank. Additionally, it is the first known deployment in Quebec of the new Schneider Electric 80A MPPT solar charge controller, capable of accepting up to 600 VDC on the input to greatly improve energy conversion efficiency, while reducing wire losses and overall cost. The PV array will generate an estimated 8,400 kWh per year of clean solar electricity. The array will charge the system's batteries when sunlight is available while a back-up generator will automatically start should the batteries become overly discharged during extended periods of inclement weather or higher than normal energy loads.

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