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System overview:
  • 1.5 kWp solar module
  • 2.0 kW inverter
  • 4.0 kW Wind turbine
  • 4.0 kW inverter
  • 80h Battery bank

1.5 kWp solar array installed on the rooftop and a 1.0 kWp wind turbine mounted on a 12-meter pole installed adjacent to the main building will furnish the essential energy required to operate the Eco-centre.  Tied to Hydro-Québec (the first ever for the province) using separate SunTie and Grid-Tie inverters, this systems works in 2 ways. When the system produces more energy than the Eco-centre requires, it will act as a micro-generating station and transmit the surplus energy to the hydro grid.  If the system generates less than is needed, the Eco-centre will take the energy it needs from Hydro-Québec

Matrix Energy ’s grid-tie solar and wind turbine electric system changes DC electricity into useful AC electricity and also sends excess power generated back to the Hydro-Québec.  The wind system also includes batteries, providing reliable back-up power during grid power outages.  The battery-based inverter allows the Eco-centre to send power back to Hydro-Québec, while also protecting the Eco-centre against power outages.

In addition to providing the grid-tie system design to the project engineers and architects, Matrix Energy supplied all the system requirements including; solar modules, roof mount, inverters, battery bank, wind turbine, voltage controller.

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