Ontario FIT & MicroFIT Compliant Solar Trackers

Deger Dual Axis Tracker

DegerEnergie Matrix Energy now offers the DEGER dual axis tracker systems specifically designed for the MicroFIT and FIT programs. Now made in Ontario, the DEGER systems qualify for the Ontario Domestic Content Rules. Having over 30,000+ units Worldwide, DEGER is the leader in tracking systems for over 10 years. Matrix Energy offers the DEGER D60H Dual Axis Tracker and the D100 Dual Axis Tracker. The D60H easily handles up to 430 ft2 of modules or up to 7 kW of grid-tie output. The D100 handles an impressive 753 ft2 of modules or up to 12 kW of output. Affordable, ease of use and peace of mind using a DEGER because of its advanced technology wind sensor protection and snow sensor protection. Given high wind conditions, the DEGER will tilt back to table top until conditions get better. A snow sensor prevents the accumulation of snow by tilting the tracker to the vertical and shedding the snow. The ground concrete base makes for easy and economical installations. Standard 5 year warranty and extended warranties available. Matrix Energy offers full DEGER systems including: PV modules, inverters, control box, disconnects, and balance of system. Systems are fully CSA certified.

Product #
D60H, Dual Axis Deger Tracker, 430 SF
3.12 ft Mast for D60H or D100
14.76 ft Mast for D60H or D100
16.40 ft Mast for D60H or D100
18.04 ft Mast for D60H or D100
19.68 ft Building Integrated Mast
D100, Dual Axis Deger Tracker, 753 SF
14.76 ft Mast for D100
16.40 ft Mast for D100
Snow Sensor
Central Control Box


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