Projects: Eureka Elementary School in Granby

Project General Information
Project location:
Granby, Quebec
General photovoltaic system
Date in service:
Total power (kWp):
5.88 kWp
Type of system:
Stand-Alone PV system with Grid back-up

Matrix Energy designed, supplied and commissioned the system, comprising twenty four SolarWorld 245 Wp monocrystaline PV modules, 30 kWh AGM battery bank, two Outback FlexMax80 MPPT charge controllers and a Xantrex 4.5 kW / 48 VDC inverter/charger pre-assembled on an E-panel.  The PV array was installed on custom mounting hardware with ballast on the school’s flat roof.  Electricity generated by the PV array charges a battery bank, which in turn powers some the building’s loads via the inverter.  If the battery bank becomes discharged during lower solar insolation months, the electric utility serves to re-charge the batteries through the inverter’s integrated charger.  The system can be expected to generate approximately 6,800 kWh per year of clean, emissions-free electricity.

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