Projects: Centre d'Innovation et de Technologies Industrielles de Granby (CITIG)


Project General Information
Project location:
Centre d’Innovation et de Technologies Industrielles de Granby (CITIG)
General photovoltaic system
Date in service:
Total power (kWp):
2.64 kWp
Type of system:
Stand-Alone PV system with Grid back-up

The system comprises twelve 220 Wp monocrystaline PV modules, two Outback FlexMax60 MPPT charge controllers, an Outback 2.5 kW / 24 VDC pure sine wave inverter/charger, 11.5 kWh battery bank and accessories. The PV modules were installed on custom mounting hardware on the south facing fašade, in a manner to showcase photovoltaic technology to visitors of this new building. Electricity generated by the PV array charges a battery bank, which in turn powers the building's outdoor lighting system via the inverter. If the battery bank becomes discharged during lower solar insolation months, the electric utility serves to re-charge the batteries through the inverter's integrated charger. The system can be expected to generate approximately 3,000 kWh per year of clean, emissions-free electricity.

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