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Transpired solar air heating collector
MatrixAir Backpass solar air heating, transpired solar collector

Solar Air Heating System - MatrixAir™ BP

Backpass Solar Air Heating Collector

The MatrixAir™ Backpass solar air heating system is deally suited for new construction with collector heights ranging from 12 – 24 ft, this backpass solar air collector performs to within 99% of the performance of our transpired solar air heating collector thanks to our unique, modular, patent-pending design. The MatrixAir™ BP (Backpass) Solar Air Heating is characterized by its horizontal plenum located along the top of the collector or roof mounted behind the vertical cladding to facilitate integration with ceiling or roof mounted HVAC and a wide range of CFM requirements. Note: Backpass (BP) solar air heating systems are well suited to upper wall-mounted fresh air inlets prescribed by ASHRAE 62.1

Verified CSA International Energy Performance

MatrixAir roof solar air heating, transpired solar collector

Solar Air Heating System - MatrixAir™ Delta

Roof Mounted Modular Solar Air Heating Collector

Our roof mounted modular solar air heating collector is the ideal solution for those circumstances where no wall area is suitable for a façade mounted solar air heating collector due to obstructions, glazing, bylaws or wall orientation.  Incorporating a flat, transpired absorber and built-in air plenum this solar air heating modular system optimizes the solar heated air flow through each solar collector for maximum output.  The individual MatrixAir™ Delta Solar Air Heating 250 CFM modules may be connected in a combination of series and parallel configurations to address a wide variety of roof layouts or CFM requirements.

Verified CSA International Energy Performance
Certified SRRC™ 0G-100
U.S. Patent #8276580

CSA International Certified
SRCC 0G-100 Certified



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