TriMetric Battery Monitor TM-2025-A

The TriMetric is used to monitor 12-48 VDC battery systems used in remote homes, RV's or boats that have batteries that store solar, wind, or generator powered chargers. TriMetric's TM-2025-A designed to monitor the following:
•"Percent Full" ("State of charge") of your batteries, so you can see if you need to charge them more, or check that overall usage is more than your charging resources.
• Volts of the batteries, for example to check that they are beingless charged at proper voltage.
• Energy going in, or out of your batteries, measured in Amps or Watts, so you can see that your charging sources are charging properly, or how much current your loads are using.
• How many days since the batteries were fully charged: to remind you to not wait too long between fully charging your batteries to maximize their life.
• The TM-2025-A is designed to fit an a "double gang" electrical box of appropriate size (not supplied). It has a serial data output of all the "real time" data-which could be used to access data for other control or output in, for example OEM applications.

Trimetric TM-2025-A

# 03-22-001
TriMetric TM-2025-A (500 A shunt not included)

TriMetric 2025 Battery System MonitorPDF download

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