Net Metering

What is net metering?

A net metering agreement is an administrative and billing agreement to track and bill the electricity you use from the grid and the electricity you store on the grid, allowing you to effectively 'run your electrical meter backwards' to zero net electricity. This means if your renewable energy system produces more electricity during the day than you can use, you store that extra electricity on the grid until you need it later that night, on the weekend, or later that year.

Under a neter metering agreement, you can only store up to the same amount of electricity in the grid as you use from the grid in that billing period. During a billing period, if you store more electricity on the grid than you use from the grid, your utility does NOT compensate you (pay you) for it. Net metering is for reducing your electrical bill from the utility, NOT for selling a net amount of electricity to the grid.

Net metering can be established either by a utility or through legislation at a provincial government level. In many jurisdictions, net metering is considered a foundation for promotion of renewable energy systems.


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